Lower Madison

September 29, 2022

Fishing Conditions

September 29, 2022

The Lower Madison is a great option for fishing lately. They bumped up the flows for a day which ended up flushing out some weeds, therefore they're not quite as bad as they were a week ago or so. However, they're still somewhat of a nuisance so dries and/or Foam flies with short leash droppers have been our first rig of choice. Mid mornings, you will see midges, baetis and mahogonies; a brook sprout paired with a mahogony Thorax Dun is a great option for these. For a dropper, small and flashy has been the ticket, such as a Lightening bug or a rainbow warrior. October caddis nymphs are also a great option to be swinging through the middle, as we should be seeing the adults any day now.  As usual, crayfish and scuds are a solid option, but you will have to clear weeds from your line often, so keep those on a short leash as well! 

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