Boulder River

October 14, 2017

Fishing Conditions

October 14, 2017

 The flow has been steady around 250cfs. This is a perfect amount of water for wade fishing. The fall Baetis hatches are going. Bring the full arsenal of BWO's; nymphs, emergers and dries. You may also spot a few Mahogany Duns flying around. Sculpins are a good fall streamer pattern on the Boulder, especially as you are fishing the lower half of the river.  

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Fly Pattern Suggestions

Dries: Ex. Body BWO: 16-18-20, Screaming Banshee: 16-18, Hi-Vis Paramerger Adams: 16-18, Purple Haze: 16-18-20, Comparadun BWO: 16-18-20, Brook Sprout BWO: 16-118-20-22

Nymphs| Mega Hare's Ear: 6-8 Mega Pheasant Tail: 6 Mega Prince: 4-6-8 Mr Rubberlegs Goldenstone: 6-8-10 Mr Rubberlegs Brown Stone: 6-8-10 Brown Stoner: 6-8 Copper John Yellow, Blue, Red, Lime: 12-14-16 Lightning Bug Pearl, Gold, Silver: 14-16-18 Purple Berger: 14-16 Crystal PT Pearl, Rust: 14-16-18 Tungsten G6 Olive: 14-16 Dirty Bird Olive: 14-16 Starling Darling: 16 Petrified Pupa: 16 San Juan: 10-14, Wire Worm: 6

Streamers| Black RL Krystal Bugger: 6-8 Hairy Sculpin Dk Olive, Brown: 2-4 CH Bow River Bugger Black, Brown: 2-4-6 Stinger Sculpin Tan, Olive: 4 Silvey's Sculpin Black, Olive, Tan: 2 Flash Fry Whitefish: 2

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