Boulder River

August 9, 2017

Fishing Conditions

August 9, 2017

 The river is at a low, very wadable level but this makes for spooky fish. The upper end of the river has the Spruce Moths out in the mornings and evenings as well as some Drakes. The hopper/terrestrial fishing is finally getting good. The middle section of the river down to Big Timber has been the best for hopper fishing. There has been a very angry land owner in this area. Please respect the private land surrounding the river and stay within the high-water mark. We don't want to put our access law in jeopardy.

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Fly Pattern Suggestions

Dries: Elk Hair Caddis: 12-14-16-18, Goddard Caddis: 12-14-16-18, Hemmingway Caddis: 12-14-126-18, Hi-Vis Parachute PMD: 16-18, Brook Sprout PMD: 16-18, Harrop's CDC Para Sulphur: 16-18-20, Chubby: 8-10-12-14, Morrish Hopper: 6-8-10-12-14, Triple Decker: 8-10-12-14, Morpho Flying Ant: 15-17, Hamburgler: 12-16, Chubby Flesh Ant: 8-10-12

Nymphs| Mega Hare's Ear: 6-8 Mega Pheasant Tail: 6 Mega Prince: 4-6-8 Mr Rubberlegs Goldenstone: 6-8-10 Mr Rubberlegs Brown Stone: 6-8-10 Brown Stoner: 6-8 Copper John Yellow, Blue, Red, Lime: 12-14-16 Lightning Bug Pearl, Gold, Silver: 14-16-18 Purple Berger: 14-16 Crystal PT Pearl, Rust: 14-16-18 Tungsten G6 Olive: 14-16 Dirty Bird Olive: 14-16 Starling Darling: 16 Petrified Pupa: 16 San Juan: 10-14, Wire Worm: 6, Glint Nymphs: 14-16-18

Streamers| Black RL Krystal Bugger: 6-8 Hairy Sculpin Dk Olive, Brown: 2-4 CH Bow River Bugger Black, Brown: 2-4-6 Stinger Sculpin Tan, Olive: 4 Silvey's Sculpin Black, Olive, Tan: 2 Flash Fry Whitefish: 2

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