Wanting Winter

October 21, 2012

Wanting Winter

I worte this one a few weeks ago and never got around to posting hope you enjoy

Wanting Winter by your friendly shop bum James

As I sit here looking out towards Main Street on a slow cold Friday I watch small light snow flakes flutter down softly and I get excited and even antsy in anticipation. My Favorite time of year is coming and the weather is finally showing it. Fall and winter are right around the corner. I drift off into a day dream; I can already see myself hooked into a fish, my rod bent. You can see my breath coming out of my mouth like a plume of smoke as I gasp in excitement. There are icicles in my beard (I recommend growing a beard when fishing in fall and winter. It keeps you warm and makes you look rugged as hell. Trout fear a mountain man.). I envision a trout in my hands looking up the bank at the snow covered bank from the first heavy snow several days ago and there is not a footprint except mine. I release my imaginary fish and sign and sit down in the soft snow for a moment to take in my winter wonderland. The pine trees sag with snow and ice; it makes a beautiful contrast of green and white. It’s the Montana that was written about in a River Runs Through it. Absolute isolation, a tranquil quiet, it’s my own personal heaven.

I snap back to reality and ask myself how can I possibly be thinking of that right now? Fall is here, fish are chasing streamers, the fall colors are out shades of orange yellow and brown everywhere and I am fantasizing about days of thirty and forty degrees. What the hell is wrong with me? I’m day dreaming of throwing a nymph rig (which I’m not a huge fan of) when there it’s one of the best times to do my favorite type of fishing; ripping huge streamers for trout. Is it human nature to want what isn’t there yet? The grass is always greener on the other side after all.

Why am I not looking forward to more of the fall? Tossing big streamers and seeing trout chase them down; what could be better? Am I that greedy that I have to look ahead and not at the present. I mean for Christ sakes I just caught an eighteen inch brook trout on a streamer. I have no idea why I’m not looking for more of that. I still have all of October and some of November for that. Why do I want to go home and tie worms and nymphs instead of the monster streamers that are so much more fun to tie?

My summer was great. Why am I not missing summer? I did almost nothing but throw mouse patterns and caught more than enough fish to make me satisfied. Not to mention the good fish I caught on chubbies and hoppers. I should be like most people I know and wanting a Bozeman summer to come back around. I should want carefree long days of slipping off before and or after work and catching a pile of fish.

But I’m in love with the cold miserable weather evidently. I want to go out and hike through virgin snow, find a deep swirling pool where I know for sure that there will be fish congregated, run a nymph set up in their faces and pound fish, lots and lots of fish. That time is coming, there is snow falling everyone is starting to think about skiing, pheasant season starts tomorrow, archery has already started and rifle begins at the tail

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