The Last Call

March 28, 2013

The Last Call

  This is a brown trout immitation aimed at targeting big fish.  By fishing a streamer this big  you don't have to worry about smaller more aggressive trout getting to your streamer before the big guy can.  It has lots of articulation and the combination of marabou, rabbit, and bucktail give it a great profile and plenty of movement in the water.


  Thread: Danville 210 Denier Tan

Back Hook: Gamakatsu B10S Size 2

Tail: Yellow- Brown Barred & White Magnum Rabbit Strip 

Middle Shank: Flymen Fishing 35mm Articulated Shank

Body: Copper Polar Chenile, Palmered White Magnum Rabbit , and Palmer Barred Marabou Blood Quill in Yellow/Brown

Lateral Line: Copper Sili Legs

5 red beads

30lb Streamer Wire

Front Hook: Gamakatsu B10S Size 1

Front hook body: Copper Polar Chenile, White Marabou, Brown Barred Magnum Rabbit Strip

Collar: Yellow & White Bucktail, Rusty Bronze & Sculpin Olive Senyos Laser Dub

Head: Large Gold Fish Skull Baitfish Helmet

It is a 6 inch streamer so it's not a pattern for a 5 or 6wt.

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