My Strangest Catch Ever by Johnny Mac

October 27, 2012

My Strangest Catch Ever by Johnny Mac

  This past Tuesday I had some free time. Naturally, the first thing that I thought of was fishing. My best bud Thompson and I got out the cold weather gear and headed for Axtell Bridge. We had fished our way downstream a considerable distance by 4 o'clock, so we decided to have a snack and start fishing our way back to the truck.

  The journey back upstream was better, probably because of the time of day. Thompson had even landed three sticks that had happened to float by. So, we finally reached the last hole and got in position for a downstream swing through the bottom half of the run. I didn't make more than five casts when my line went tight. After a good stiff hook-set I didn't feel any momement, wait, no its' headed downstream. Wait, no its' a snag. Even with my 8 weight rod I couldn't pop my streamer off of what I was hooked to. I had just tied this fly the night before so I was intent on keeping it. I worked my way out to where my streamer was lodged in the bottom of the river. At first glance I saw that it wasn't a rock or a stick. I pulled up my sleeve and reached in to retreive my streamer. When the object I had snagged broke the surface I realized it was a plastic grocery bag, but it wasn't empty. I worked my way back to the bank where Thompson had been waiting patiently for me. When I was safely on the bank I threw the bag down, cursed a few times, and tore my fly from its' side. That was when this filthy, snot covered bag revealed its' contents. I had just caught myself a bag full of PORN!

 I don't know why this bag of porn ended up in the river, and don't really want too. For anyone else out there with a \"collection\" they want or need to get rid of, the river isn't the place to dispose of it. I'm sure all of us have a certain friend that would gladly take your stash off your hands for you. If not, my friend Tom will relieve you of your burden. 

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