Mac Daddy Sculpin Tied by Johnny Mac

November 6, 2012

Mac Daddy Sculpin Tied by Johnny Mac

Johnny Mac himself tied up this streamer with the idea of targeting the big boys.  The Mac Daddy has a bunch of marabou and flash on it to give it some great movement and the Sculpin Helmet helps get it down into the deep holes where the big boys hang.  We just got our big fly tying material order for the fall/winter so we have all the materials needed to get this big nasty tied up!

Material List:

Sculpin Helmet: Large, Olive

Front Hook: Dai-Riki # 700 Size 4

Back Hook: Dai-Riki # 700 Size 6

Body: Estaz Grande Olive

Collar: Barred Marabou Blood Quill, Yellow/Black

Tail: Strung Marabou, Burn Orange

Krinkle Mirror Flash: Peacock Black

Sili Legs: Barred FL. Fire Orange

Hot Beads: 3/16\" Hot Orange

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