Last Minute Gift Ideas

December 18, 2012

Last Minute Gift Ideas

If you are like me- and probably most fly fishermen, your holiday shopping consists of one stress filled day (usually within 24 hours of Christmas), dealing with crowded shops, ridiculous amounts of Christmas music, and rushed gift ideas.  Well between tying flies, watching fish porn, and drooling over the next day forecasted to break 40 degrees (Saturday the 22nd), we have put together some gift ideas for the common fly fisherman or woman.  Whether it's for your significant other, your mother, your dad, your brother or for yourself; here are a few Great Ideas sure to please anyone who is fishminded like ourselves.  

Fly Fishing DVD's

With winter in full swing and temps dropping below 32 degrees, the only way to stay sane for most fly fishermen is to tie flies, watch fly fishing videos, and dream of warmer weather.  Below is a great movie to get you through the winter.  For a full list of our favorites Click Here.

GEOFISH: This is a great movie for those who think that the journey is just as important as the destination.  An absolute adventure of a fly fishing DVD.  This film tracks the journey of Chris Owens, Jay Johnson, Brian Jill, and Thad Robison as they make their way down the coast of Mexico chasing everything from Bill Fish to Bones, Snook, Tarpon, and Bass.  It's a great movie to get a couple friends together and drink a couple cold ones while watching this extremely entertaining adventure.  Click Here for a full description of this movie.  


Fly Selections

If you know that you want to get someone flies but are not comfortable picking them out yourself, we offer boxes with flies picked out specifically for the waters around the area.  These boxes include 24 flies (two of each pattern) and a clear, double-sided fly box with the Troutfitters logo.  They aren't guaranteed to catch fish, but they're guaranteed to give you a chance!  Click Here to view our different river selections.


Montana Fly Company 4g iPhone Covers

These covers are prints of famous paintings done by great artists who's work is inspired heavily by fly fishing.  Slap one on your iPhone and let everyone know that you fly fish... Or just throw one on because they look great!  Click Here for all of our different styles!



Black Diamond Headlamps

Great stocking stuffer that you can use year round!  We have a bunch of different options but the Storm is our favorite in the shop because of the fact that it has a really bright beam, and most importantly for fishermen its waterproof!  Click Here for all of our different options!

Montana Troutfitters Full Zip Hoodie

It's cold out there! If you know someone who is a true Troutfitters Low Life help them rep their Troutfitters pride with one of our Logo sweatshirts!  Click Here for our full line of Logo outterwear!



Fishpond Trailhead Rolling Rod/Gear Bag

This is the perfect bag for the traveling fly fisherman/woman.  Whether they travel frequently for business and fly fish when they can, or if they are getting ready to go on an epic fly fishing adventure, this bag will allow them to bring enough rods and equipment to make sure they are always prepared and their gear is always intact on arrival.  Click Here to get details on this great travel bag!

Blue Ribbon Nets

These nets are a work of art and not only that are built here in Bozeman, MT!  The nets feature AquaFade Ultra Light rubber netting which is easier on the fish and doesn't allow your flies to get caught up in it.  They are extremely well built and are a great gift to give that you can count on being around for a while!  Click Here to see the different styles that we offer!    



Redington I/O Fleece Pant

Some of the best fishing to be had here in Montana is during the winter, but one of the biggest factors that keeps people off the water is the cold weather.  This pant is a solution to that problem.  We've worn these out this December and can confirm that they do in fact keep you warm... Just make sure it is actually going to be cold out or you'll be cookin in your waders!  The stirups built into the ankles of these help to keep your fleece where it should be!  Click Here to get the low down on this winter necessity.

Renzetti Traveler Vise

This is a great vise for the price!  'Tis the season! To tie flies!    This is a great pricepoint on a true rotary vise.  Having the ability to rotate flies 360 degrees will improve fly ties immediately.  Whether it is big streamers you're tying or small midges, this vise will do it all.  Click Here to get the specs on this vise.  On another note, we have a number of different vises for different styles of tying.  Don't be afraid to stop in or call the shop and talk with one of the guys about what vise is right for you!

Anglers Image Tie Fast Knot Tyer

All fly fishermen/women should know how to tie a nail knot.  This is the original nail knot tool and the only tool that we use at the shop.  Having this tool with you while on the river can save the day if you have any issues with your fly line!  Plus it's a great stocking stuffer!



These are just a small list of great gifts for the \"fishy\" person you need to take care of this Holiday season.  Don't be afraid to come into the shop and talk with the guys, we have plenty of ideas for any type of budget!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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