Upper Madison

January 11, 2021

Fishing Conditions

January 11, 2021

The upper is one of the most consistent local options this time off year and will fish well throughout winter. We have been seeing more slush in the river due to the cold over night temps, but the higher up you drive the less ice you'll run into. One of are favorite spots to winter fish is 3 Dollar bridge and Reynolds bridge. These two spots can have some incredible midge hatches and when the fish take notice it can be some of the best dry fly fishing around. Look for those risers at the end of tailouts and seem lines behind rocks. Small and flashy is the name of the game if you decide to nymph; Green Machines, $3 dips, purple deaths, wire worms, shop vacs, black and brown rubber legs and zebra midges are all good bets.  It's crucial that you're bugs are getting down fast on the upper. If your not ticking bottom every cast add some weight until you do. Streamer fishing is typically a quality over quantity game in the winter. Although you might not get many eats, there is always the potential for that one trophy fish. ** Varney Bridge is open to traffic**

**Please leave spawning fish alone and don't tread on redds!!!** 

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Fly Pattern Suggestions

Dries| Renegades: 14-18, Griffith’s Gnat: 16-18-20, Z-Lon Midge: 20-22, Matt’s Midge: 20-22-24

Nymphs| Mega prince: 8-12, Delektable Hurless: 6-10, Lil' Spanker Gold Purple or Red: 16-18, Lightning Bug Purple or Silver: 16-18, SH Thorax Bead, Tan: 14-16-18, SH Copper John: 14-16, Nymphicator: 16-18, Green Machine PT: 18-20, King Prince:12-16, Coppertone: 6-8, Pat's Rubberlegs: 6-8-10, Copper John Black and Blue: 16-18-20, Green Machine: 16-18-20, Crystal dip: 16-18 Three Dollar Dip:16, Worms: 12-16, Rainbow Warrior; 16-18, Split Case BWO; 18-20,

Streamers| Smoke N Mirrors Cream #4, Sparkle Minnow Smoke #4, Complex Twist Bugger White Size #4, Sex Dungeon Rust, Yellow, Black: 2 Silvey's Sculpin Black: 2 Conehead JJ Special: 2-4 Home Invader Yellow, White: 2 Zonkers White, Olive, Natural/Copper: 4-6, Double Screamer Streamer Olive/Black: 2 Circus Peanut Olive: 2 Sculpzilla Black, Dark Olive: 4-8, 2 Dolly Llama white, 8 Baby Gonga white

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