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July 18, 2018

Fishing Conditions

July 18, 2018

Beaverhead-  Flows are good on the Beaverhead, and the reports have been good from that area, so nymph it hard and hold on tight! Scuds and worms are always a good bet over this way, but don't be afraid to swing a small streamer around too. 

Bitterroot/Blackfoot/Clarkfork/Rock Creek: Things are coming into shape. All the rivers are kind of hit or miss right now. Rock creek has been a consistently good option with smaller stoneflies and caddis everywhere. The bitterroot and blackfoot are high and fishing is spotty. There are some huge fish eating, but they are few and far between!

Canyon Ferry -   Carp are thick and feeding heavily in the shallows. Clouser and deaddrift crayfish were the hot flies yesterday. Try blind casting these flies with a slow strip if you aren't seeing any fish. If you do find tailing carp, let your flies sink in front of the feeding carp, and wait for them to suck them up. The Rainbow fishing has been tougher, but a balance leach and a chronomid can find a few if you get lucky.

Hauser/Holter - With the peak of run-off behind us, the color has been pretty good in these lakes, you may see some off coloration, but fishing should still be productive. Your typical lake patterns such as a bugger/leech/streamer should get the job done pretty well. 

Dailey Lake- Fishing has been inconsistent but on the good days it has been great. Try a leech and a pheasant tail under the indicator.

Hyalite- Open and fishing well.  Putting a leech or bugger witn a choronomid trailer under a bobber near the points could pick up some fish.  The creek will produce using any shiny beadhead like a nymphicator or copper john. Please note that the upper creek above the lake and within 100 ft of inlet does not open until July 15th. 

Cliff and Wade -  Cliff and Wade are open and fishing well. Balanced leeches, small streamers and small beadhead nymphs such as hares ears or flashback pheasent tails have been the best way to pick up fish. You may see schools of whitefish that are not wanting to eat. If you are not catching fish, look for the trout cruising around on the prowl and do not be afraid to move to a new location on the lake. 

Quake Lake - Quake lake is open and fishing is well. Try streamers worked tight to the dead trees and off the drop offs.

Clark Canyon - No Reports

Hebgen- This is a great time to be on the lake  when the fish are high in the water and in near shorelines. Early mornings and late evenings will offer some dry fly fishing. There are Alder flies, a big lake midge, and the first mayflies are appearing. The middle of the day is sub-surface. A Chironomid and a leech under an indicator is one way to fish the middle of the day. A more active way is to strip a streamer on a good wind-drift. 

Harrison Lake - Harrison is in good shape and fishing well. Leeches and chironomids will find a few fish about 8 feet under the indicator. There have also been large midges hatching and fish are up eating them in the mornings. Hitting the lake early or late is paying off with eager and hungry trout. 

Ennis Lake - The lake is settled out. Try leeches right now, but it won't be long and I'm sure we will be seeing some calabaetis out this way!

Ponds Around Town - Bass and bluegill fishing is heating up here in town. The bass are in the early stages of the spawn with some actively protecting their beds from hungry bluegill. Now is a great time to throw streamers or poppers for aggressive largemouth up in the shallows. The mall pond and Bozeman beach are both good places to start but dont be afraid to try other small ponds throughout the area. 

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